A downloadable game for Android

Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie invasion?

The Walking Zombies are leaving the graveyard and going to the village to kill Humans. Your mission is to prevent it from being invaded by The Walking Zombies. Fortunately Luigi Grandpa is there to deal with the zombies which walk around all over the village. Kill them all with your gunshot, collect more coins and ammunition along the way to unblock your brother Super Evil Mario that zombies truly fear!

Both of you, are thrown into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. Do what you have to in order to stay alive. Zombies come with many forms and abilities, use Evil Mario powerful axe and chop them all as a Zombie butcher! Keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself by any means necessary.

***Game Features***:
• Unique gameplay
• Unlimited gun shots
• Nice music and sounds
• Many levels & challenges
• Multiple Characters (Evil Mario & Luigi Grandpa)
• Detailed environment
• HD Graphics

***How to play***

Use arrows on the screen to move and jump
Touch the target button to kill the Walking Zombies  
Collect coins as many as you can to unlock new character


TheWalkingZombie.apk 21 MB


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