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Are you tired of watching how your device gets slower every day, and you don’t know anything about Ram cleaning? RAM Master Booster is a powerful memory cleaning app designed for Android devices which will make your smartphone or tablet work faster.

 RAM Master Booster optimizes your phone's performance and boosts its speed by removing unused junk. The application uses a smart management technology that will keep your phone running better, faster, and longer. This app allows you to instantly free up memory when your phone slows down.

Phone cleaner , Ram optimizer , Game booster , Ram cleaner (RAM Master Booster) is the best and fastest tool cleaner for your android device. It cleans the system memory, improves phone or tablet performance, and improves battery life, and it's completely free!

How to use:

Just launch the app and tap the Boost button. The software will do the rest.

Features offered by RAM Master Boost:

- Kill all the background apps and services which are making your phone slow, so you get a clean RAM just like a fresh restarted phone.
- Junk Cleaner: Clean the mess created by app cache and save space.


RamMasterBooster.apk 2 MB


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RAM stand for Random Access Memory, it actually boost the mobile memory to make it run faster. So it is called the Master Booster for the mobile. besides it. How much a  phone will be fast that totally depends on the RAM. So before buying a phone you can check  Hotmail Support to get a better RAM.