A downloadable game for Android

Welcome to Clarence Run Run Game

Clarence Run Run Game is an adventure endless run game.

Clarence is going to start his amazing adventure, he needs your help to get through the dangerous jungle and to stay alive.

The game is easy to play, you need to cross and avoid different obstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many coins as you can to score the highest..

Have fun with Clarence Run Run and do your best to get more coins, jump higher and enjoy the game.

***Game Features***:
• Unique gameplay
• Nice music and sounds
• Detailed environment
• Infinite runner with great graphics and fun animations
• Magnets can help you collect more coins
• Swipe to Move & Jump

***How to play***

Just tap the screen to let the Clarence jump and run.
Collect coins as many as you can, and run away from enemies


Clarence-Run-Run.apk 10 MB


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