A downloadable game for Android

Candy Splash Temple is a sweet addictive Game with beautiful graphics. Collect all sweet Candies (Chocolate covered nuts, espresso coffee beans, dried fruits dipped in chocolate, cake covered raisins & pretzels, gummy candies...) and avoid sharp obstacles.

Play Candy Splash Temple, try to beat your own score in this delicious adventure and share it with your friends.

Who can get the highest score in Candy Splash Temple?

Candy Splash Temple Features :

- Easy To play
- Simple One Tap Gameplay
- Beautiful Candy World Graphic
- Suitable for all ages
- Fun Game with Many Levels
- Many Characters Available on game

How to Play Candy Splash Temple

- Tap on screen to jump.
- Collect as many candies as you can.
- Avoid Obstacles.
- Try to beat your own High Score.


candy-splash-temple.apk 13 MB


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